Art it Up! (57) – Art Supply Hoarding & mini frame series

September 14, 2015 Art it Up! 16

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This week’s art

Well there hasn’t really been anything that I’ve finished finished as of this post (having returned to work has put a crimp in my schedule as to finishing things – as expected) BUT I’ll be finishing something today I hope since it’s sunday and it’ll be up in a few days with the next Art it Up! post. I’m almost done with the most ADORABLE little mini doll. Oh just you wait til you see her.


You can see lots more of my daily doodles over on my instagram! Remember if you decide to participate via Twitter or Instagram please use #ArtitUp so we can all checkout your doodles!


What’s in the works!

I found some adorable and very reasonably priced mini picture frames. They were begging to be filled with cute little doodles (that I plan to either watercolor paint or pencil or even markers) I finished one already that you can see on my instagram here). I decided I’m going to do these as a set of kids in the cute costumes. So far there is a penguin, a totoro, a girl wearing a fried egg hat and bacon tie, a kid with a panda on its head (because my husband said the doodle reminded him of that scene in Tropic Thunder where the guy is wearing the dead panda…yeah I know he’s sick and twisted)

(I have way more then just 6 picture frames…I think I have about 15)

I NEED SUGGESTIONS! What other cute costumes should I try to include in this series?

mini frames art


My awesome art & craft supply haul!

I scored an amazing bag of free art supplies from my local BLICK. Probably about $100 plus worth of free loots. Which NEVER happens to me so I was super excited. Then of course I bought a ton of yarn this week and a few more markers and some marker paper. Here is a picture of just some of the supplies (mostly the free stuff and the yarn…can you tell I have a yarn and art supply hoarding problem?)

art supplies Sept 2015


  • 12×12 artist board
  • 8.5 by 11 hardcover sketchbook
  • drawing pencil set of 12
  • artist pastels set of 15
  • artist acrylics set of 6 (giving to my lovely friend Rachael)
  • color pencil set of 12
  • Canson artist paper sampler
  • a black BLICK art materials tote


  • 8 skeins of KnitPicks yarn – The Might Stitch
  • 13 crochet hook keychains (for xmas ornaments I plan to make)
  • 2 Winsor Newton Pigment Markers (lime green and cool grey)
  • canson marker paper pad
  • 1 Winsor watercolor marker (payne’s gray)
  • a bunch of mini picture frames
  • 3 gallery canvas size 16×20 (going to try my yarn paintings on these)
  • foam wreaths (cause I’m going to make some wreaths…not necessarily xmas ones)
  • a TON of gift wrap stuff for the craft fair (organza bags, a tablecloth, lime zig zag shredded paper, bakers twine
  • 4 different skeins of “specialty” yarn – three have sequins threaded through them and one has pretty beads. I’ve never crochet/knit with a yarn that has this in it so I REALLY have been wanting to give it a try. I HAVE crocheted where I pull from a metallic embroidery thread and combined it with my yarn (gives a different look then what I think these new yarns will)
  • a 2ft LED birch tree to hang my handmade xmas ornaments on at the craft fair in Dec
  • a yard of canvas (looks like really thick thick linen?) – I’m going to try my hand at making embroidery art with my illustrations and some paint!! oooooo

Oh – and I went nuts and ordered EVEN MORE YARN (madelinetosh) from the internet because hey…I loved that little doll I made so much that I need more of that yarn STAT!!

I also went nuts and bought a ton of makeup from ULTA because I watched some youtube eye makeup videos and was like “I want to be pretty like that and paint my face!” LOL If I get it right I’ll post a picture of my eye.



This Week’s Crafty AGGRAVATION!

I’m back at work so arting time is very limited. Its getting to me – so I’m spending a lot of late nights because I have to get my art in some time!

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16 Responses to “Art it Up! (57) – Art Supply Hoarding & mini frame series”

  1. Litha Nelle

    I haven’t collected more yarn in a while, but that’s mostly because I only sporadically frequent craft stores that have ‘the goods’. It’s hard when you have to choose between buying books and yarn- often the books win, even though the yarn often gets made into gifts for other people. I’m just greedy like that. 😛
    Amazing haul!
    ~Litha Nelle

    • Tabitha (Pabkins)

      You are so right. The yarn does often end up going to other people via handmade gifts. And now I”m making things for selling it makes me think I need to change my taste in expensive yarns to be cheaper but I can’t help it I LOVE working with these pricey yarns. I’ll just have to price my stuff higher which makes people not want to buy them but ehhh its ok its not like I NEED to sell them LOL.

      I’ve stopped buying a ton of books and have been using the library more especially since I still receive so many review books. Now I buy the books I’ve read and loved or ones I can’t get at the library or for review. Cause honestly I’ve completely run out of space to store books!!
      Tabitha (Pabkins) recently posted…Audiobook Review: Serafina and the Black Cloak by Robert BeattyMy Profile

  2. fishgirl182 @ nite lite

    Free art supplies? That’s amazing. I am interested to see what you think of The Mighty Stitch. I am always on the lookout for a good yarn for baby blankets but I think the acrylic content might be too high on this. Fun colors though.

    Also, I love Tropic Thunder. How about a bee costume or a wolf?
    fishgirl182 @ nite lite recently posted…Fall Pilot SeasonMy Profile

    • Tabitha (Pabkins)

      I didn’t realize the acrylic content was so high. ARGH 80% acrylic yuck….well it IS super soft and hey I’ll be using these most likely for toys anyways. Though I have started to make a few scarves and cowls and fingerless gloves for the craft fair. But I don’t know if they’ll sell because SOO many booths have those sorts of thing and hey this is California who REALLY needs to wear a scarf/cowl or gloves in this heat? Not unless you live in a windy chilly city like San Francisco.

      A bee and a wolf got ya. I’ll try to doodle one of those today. I’m sure you’ll see it appear on my instagram =)
      Tabitha (Pabkins) recently posted…Audiobook Review: Serafina and the Black Cloak by Robert BeattyMy Profile

      • fishgirl182 @ nite lite

        I don’t always mind acrylic but I am picky about it. Sometimes it gets too shiny/squeaky and I just can’t deal. But washable is nice and I think for toys and blankets it’s fine. The colors look great, too. I hear you about CA weather. I mean I knit wool all the time but it’s always hot where I live. I think you will have a hard time selling unless the price is really cheap but then in that case it might not be worth the time you spent making it.

        Look forward to the doodles!
        fishgirl182 @ nite lite recently posted…September Kindle Steals & DealsMy Profile

        • Tabitha (Pabkins)

          I agree – everyone wants cheap stuff. They expect mass produced prices for even handmade items. Oh well I don’t care if the stuff I make doesn’t sell really Then I can just slowly give them as gifts to people. I will be excited if stuff does sell though!

          Yes the acrylic is shinier and squeakier! I never even noticed. My new favorite yarns are one ply by madeline tosh – the merino light and malabrigo and lets see auracania nuble. So gorgeous!
          Tabitha (Pabkins) recently posted…Audiobook Review: Serafina and the Black Cloak by Robert BeattyMy Profile

        • Tabitha (Pabkins)

          OMG YES! Now I must check out this Arroyo you mentioned because I haven’t tried that yet. JEez there is a skein of beaded silk yarn that is like $60 that I really really want but I just can’t justify it to myself because I think “what would I make with it” but its just so dang PRETTY! ahhhhhhh

          I literally just dropped $200 last night on an order from WEBS because they put up Madeline Tosh grab bags of 5 where the skeins were 16.88 a skein as opposed to the normal $22 (or $25 at my local shop) so I swooped in and grabbed a bag and then couldn’t resist ordering a bunch more and a Clara De Uruguay (spelling?) and a Malabrigo hahah.

          Course now I’ll want to use them to make toys but I JUST can’t fathom people paying the money for what they are worth but I can’t help wanting to use them for the toys anyway LOL.

          Crafter problems right?!

          Yes very hard to go back to mass produced yarn. But I’m doing it. I’ll force myself to make a toy tonight with normal yarn instead of the fancy stuff.

          So tell me honestly – did you like our swap we did?? You can be brutally honest!!
          Tabitha (Pabkins) recently posted…Audiobook Review: Serafina and the Black Cloak by Robert BeattyMy Profile

          • fishgirl182 @ nite lite

            Yeah I had to resist the grab bags. You’ll have to tell me or post on IG what colors you get. I’d love to buy them someday. I think you mean MANOS del Uruguay. They make really nice yarn, too. A lot of people on Ravelry totally make toys with the nice stuff. I think it really just depends on what you want to do with it. I might not give it to a new baby but I think I’d give it to a kid I really loved.

            I did like our swap! Everything was super thoughtful and I loved my little crochet dude. I wasn’t familiar with the brand yarn you sent me but it’s very squishy. I need to make something with it.

            Well if you still love yarn in Feb come down to Santa Clara for Stitches West. Look it up. It’s yarn heaven. My family lives really close so I’ll probably make a trip home and then buy ALL THE YARN.
            fishgirl182 @ nite lite recently posted…September Kindle Steals & DealsMy Profile