Art it Up! (56) – Voodoo Costume Yarn Painting

September 4, 2015 Art it Up! 7

Fan Art Up buttonArt it Up! is a weekly feature hosted by Tabitha @ Not Yet Read. It is dedicated to showcasing our Art. It could be inspired by a book or some other entertainment media or even just whatever artistic thing you’ve done that week. Break out those dusty art supplies!

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This week’s art

I drew the picture of this little guy ages ago and recently decided he would make an adorable yarn painting. Yes those are totally real *sharp* pins I stuck into his heart…yes *sharp* because I stuck myself.

voodoo monster yarn art painting


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What I’m working on!

Heads, heads, heads! I’m trying to make 19 dolls and at least 20 ornaments for the craft fair this December. So I figured hey – make as many heads as I can stand then pump out the bodies and assemble one at a time. Whenever I have a spare few minutes I wip out a few rows of a head because I’ve done so many heads over the years now that I’ve memorized my pattern in my head.

ami doll heads art




This Week’s Crafty AGGRAVATION!

Having so many ideas for things I want to do and not having enough time to do them all. Also…my right wrist is REALLY hurting a lot this week because of all the crochet I’m doing. I have a very bad right wrist.

ODD BIT OF INFORMATION ABOUT PABKINS! – I’m “left handed” but I crochet right handed. In fact much of what I do is with my right hand. I guess that makes me left handed but right hand dominant. Isn’t that weird!?

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