That’s a Wrap! – November & December – On Hiatus for the Holidays

December 22, 2015 About Me, Monthly Overview 6

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Some of you may have noticed….

That I’ve been MIA around here on Not Yet Read for a number of weeks. Don’t worry I’m not gone for good. I’ve just been SUPER busy with local arts and crafts events.  I expect to be back in January. See below for news and tidbits on what’s going on with me.


Not Yet Read News:

  • I’ll be back to posting again on a weekly to bi-weekly (more likely bi-weekly) basis close to mid or late January. I’m reading way less these days as my focus has shifted to my art but I still want to keep my blog alive and will mostly be doing only audiobook reviews for the upcoming year.
  • You can expect there might only be one post a week when I do come back because I’m reading so slow right now. By so slow I mean hardly at all the past two months!


About Me Junk:

  • I’ve gone back to work full time for several months now. My youngest son is now 9 months old and boy is it hard to manage my personal hobbies while also having two kids and keeping house. Meaning my house is a tornado!!
  • I did my first ever craft fair on November 19th, 2015 in my local town City Hall. It was a success! I say because I was next to the wine bar. But then I did a second art and craft fair which proved to me that hey people like my stuff!
  • My second art and crafts event took place on December 5th, 2015 in Folsom, CA and it was a big success. My bestie Rachael was there manning the booth with me and I was a hit! I sold out of so much stuff. Art, prints, greeting cards and even some of my handmade toys!
  • UPCOMING FINAL EVENT OF THE YEAR! – I’ll have a ARTIST TABLE in the SACANIME Convention ARTIST ALLEY – January 1st – 3rd 2016. If you’re local to the Northern Cali area come out and see me!
  • I HAVE A NEW WEBSITE! Just for my ART! PABKINS.COM – come check it out – It’s still partially under construction though. For daily updates on my art it is still best to follow my instagram @Pabkins
  • Currently reading: Uhhh nothing? I have a handful of partially started books but haven’t cracked one open all of last month!
  • Currently listening to: don’t laugh….Justin Bieber – yeah I know my husband thinks I’m insane
  • Currently watching: Nothing – who has time for TV when there is art to create?


I’m at the a Folsom Arts & Craft fair today in Historic Folsom until 4PM. If you’re local to the Sacramento, CA area you should totally come see me! #artfair #artsandcrafts #forsale #smallbusiness #sacramento My magnificent friend Rachael @creep58 was there with me selling a few of her pieces and helping me run the booth. She’s the best public relations person ever! UPDATE! – The street fair was a fabulous success. Everyone made me feel like such a rock star. It was so nice talking to everyone that I met who enjoyed looking at my art! I can’t remember ever having this kind of joy and feeling before as I got to watch kids as well as adults smile while looking at things I created. Anytime I have any doubts about what I create I just have to hold onto this memory. 😂😃

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WHAT I PLAN TO LISTEN TO ON AUDIO IN the coming weeks/months

THE ALLOY OF LAW by Brandon Sanderson

MAPLECROFT by Cherie Priest

THE VEIL by Chloe Neil

INK AND BONE by Rachel Caine

Leigh Bardugo – SIX OF CROWS

PACIFIC FIRE by Greg Van Eekhout

WINTER by Marissa Meyer


More but hey – I forget what else.



I’ve missed you all! I’ll try not to be a stranger. But I’m so into arting it up every night that I just can’t stop myself now!

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When I'm in the zone I can flip book pages faster than the eye can see - screaming "More Input!" I'm a book, yarn, & art supply hoarding goblin who loves to draw, make toys and craft all sorts of creepy cute things. My current habit is to listen to audio books while I'm arting it up!
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  1. Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews

    We’ve missed you too Pabkins but man it’s so good to see that you’re focussing on your art 😀 All the big news and opportunities you’re getting up to sound amazing! I’ll definitely be checking out your craft website! Oh and having any amount of free time when you’re working full time is hard. Real life people need attention too and then you have down time where you just want to chill! So all in all, with work, kids AND crafts, it’s NO wonder you barely have time for reading O.O Anyway, hopefully audiobooks will help you get back into the swing of things in the new year AND I hope you love The Alloy of Law as much as I did 😀 Happy Holidays!! ♥
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  2. Kel

    That’s so amazing, Tabitha! Congratulations on the craft fair successes! I’m sure your table at the convention will do just as brilliantly. Hope you had a great holiday!