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Picture 7Founder & Madd Queen: Tabitha

I’ve been a voracious reader ever since I can remember. From reading by porchlight past bedtime, to getting in trouble buying too many books at the school book fair, to finally resorting to using lunch money to buy books when I exhausted the library. Ever since I started book review blogging over 3 years ago I realized I had finally found my mecca. Now there is no end to the books I can read and to me this is absolute heaven.

Not only am I crazy reader but I also love all other things Science Fiction and Fantasy – to movies, TV, games, comics, anime – you name it and I will gobble it up. Some of my childhood favorites: The Last Unicorn, Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal If you haven’t watched these movies for shame on you!

Alright, so finding new books to read, and compulsively buying them is well let’s face it..a condition I have. I might just resemble a creature with tentacle like arms that I fill with more and more books than I could ever possibly read. *pets the books and nibbles a bit*

When I’m not reading I’m dabbling in arts & crafts of some kind. I adore making creepy cute creatures. Sketching, Crochet, painting, encaustic wax, knitting, ceramics, sculpting, doll and toy making…you name it and I’ve probably dipped my toe.

I adore meeting new booky friends to chat with because hey I stare at a computer screen for the bulk of the day for work so mingling with people via social media helps keep me sane. I love traveling to book cons, SFF cons and someday gosh damnit I’ll score a ticket to SDCC.

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