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READ THIS! If you don’t – I’ll know because well…I’ll just know ok!? I have these creepy psychic powers. Maybe not, but we can pretend for just these two minutes.  On with it shall we? – Science Fiction & Fantasy books are what you will see featured on Not Yet Read. Why in the world would I want to read about everyday life when I’m gosh darn living it!? Basically, I will gobble up a wide range of books that fall into any of the sub genres under SFF but here are the preferred genres.

Preferred Genres:

  • I will consider any subgenre of SFF fiction
  • Adult | Young Adult | Graphic Novels
  • Fantasy | Urban Fantasy | High or Epic Fantasy | Sword & Sorcery | Literary Fantasy
  • Science Fiction | New Weird | Steampunk | Speculative Fiction | Space opera | Action Adventure
  • Horror | Post-Apocalyptic | Paranormal | Ghost stories | Dystopian
  • On Occasion: Thrillers | Psycho thrillers | Mystery (hopefully if they have an SFF element)

Reviews posted to: Goodreads | Amazon
I cross link & post to: Twitter | Facebook
Accepts formats: Print, E-copy (mobi), or audiobooks – I do not accept PDFs

Please include the following if you are submitting a review query:

– Title of Book, Link to the goodreads page for the book

– a brief book description and genre you feel it fits into

– the author’s social media links (because I like to snoop them out)

Not Yet Read is currently NOT accepting self published works at this time. I make exceptions for authors I’ve worked with in the past or if I’ve previously read your work.




I try to keep the content of the blog mostly to the fantasy and science fiction genres but every once in a while you’ll see a book that falls outside of that genre because hey – I read whatever I feel like – however please limit all requests to SFF genre books! If you email me and I don’t get back to you, please don’t be offended or otherwise take up arms and storm my castle. I am really not trying to be rude. A non-response could mean any number of things:

1) I have been abducted by aliens or evil elves,
2) The cat shredded my review schedule and I’m not sure I can fit the book in, and or
3) I’m unfortunately not interested in reading the proposed book and or it doesn’t fall within my reading preferences.
4) I do not respond to emails if I am not interested, please don’t take that personally.

Books received will be reviewed in as timely of a manner as I can manage. Be thankful we aren’t going by my husband’s idea of the word ‘timely’ because then it would be next year. I really try to keep all of my reviews as close to publication as I can. By accepting a book for review I make no promises that I will actually review the book. Because what if I start and I just don’t like it *gasp – how could that ever be possible?* – It happens. However it is very rare that I do not finish a book. I am also a mood reader – so if I’m not in the mood for the book for a long while, well it could be next year before it gets a review. Usually I try not to accept a book if I don’t think I can get to it that year.

Requesting a review for a specific date or for me to join a Blog Tour? If I have agreed to review a book then at that point please let me know if you have any expectations regarding a review/posting date. I will try to accommodate but usually I prefer not to lock dates in stone. I have a job, a husband and a wee toddler, and a newborn infant as of early 2015, so I’d rather not agree to a schedule that might be difficult to keep to. If you are interested in having me as part of a blog tour please be sure that it is possible to supply me the review book at least 1 month before my tour date, I have never failed to post on an agreed upon date unless the book or guest post material and or interview were not provided by the other party in a timely manner – hooray for me!



This is the place where I tell you about all that Cover My Ass, Disclaimer and policy shennanigans. I’d like to think all of this is common sense but in case it isn’t – let me just break it down barney style…

CONTENT! – all the shiny stuff you see
– The reviews, discussion, and all other gobbley gook you encounter on Not Yet Read is a product of the spillings from my crazy brain unless otherwise stated. I do not accept any form of payment for the reviews I write or the other content I post. With that said I frequently have guest posters, mostly authors and other fabulous people. I am not responsible for their views and or opinions, nor does me posting them mean that I am in alignment with said views (oooo sounds all official and junk right!?). I believe in open discourse, friendly debate, conversation and author commenting is welcomed with a healthy and friendly mad glee. If I’ve stepped on your toes in some way in regards to legalese or copyrights – I do try to be careful – just let me know asap and I’ll be sure to address it!

REVIEWS & Where do I get all the blasted books!?!
You can safely assume that many of the books reviewed by me were provided by the Publisher or Author. (I always note in the review where I acquired the book). Sweet epic loots, Batman! *rolls around on the pile of books* This is in no way to be considered compensation or payment for reviews as I treat the books I buy or borrow from the library with the exact same amount of respect and unabashed gushing of honest opinion. These are my uncensored (and hopefully tactful) thoughts on the content of said books (not the author themselves). Whether that be “my eyes are burning” to “I will sing its praises from the highest mountain.” Many of the Advance Reader Copies (ARCs) I receive I later go on to compulsively purchase in published edition, for my own shelves, to push onto friends, or for randomly giving away on this site. I buy A LOT of books, it’s a condition I have – I own more books than the tree outside my house has leaves. Did I mention I’m a library shelf stalker too!? No? Now you know.

I’m an adult, in my 30’s (hey hey, that’s not old). Mostly I read Adult and Young adult books, but there is the occasional middle grade or picture book and graphics/comics. But when I write my adult | YA reviews they are intended for adult readers. So they are aimed at someone who has a similar reading pattern of enjoying both. What does all that crud I said just mean…REALLY!? – that every once in a while you might see me use STRONG WORDS! It doesn’t happen often, but You’ve been warned!

GIVEAWAYS – Jinkies! More Free loots!
Who doesn’t like something for nothing!? Ok so maybe it isn’t necessarily nothing…usually I ask that you follow my site in some fashion, not always but hey how else would you then find out about all the books I love and then in turn decide to giveaway? Clickity Click Click that subscribe button! I don’t keep or sell your personal information that is gathered for the giveaway. Books are either sent out by myself, the vendor I purchase it from, or the publisher – direct to your little grubby book loving hands. Isn’t that nice!? Did you click yet!? No? What do you want me to do turn cartwheels already!!? I am not responsible for giveaway items that do not arrive at their destination, and no I will no replace them if they do not arrive. Prizes provided from the publisher are out of my hands as I merely supply them your mailing address (I’ve noticed publisher sponsored giveaways typically take 30days before the winner receives them). If it never arrives – let me know and I’ll notify the publisher. If it was sponsored by me – just let me know and I’ll contact the vendor I purchased from in the hopes they will replace it.

AFFILIATES! – Oh no what’s this, money grubbing?
I do have affiliate links on my sidebar and any very small amounts of money made when folks purchase through those links go towards the funding of this blog. I tell you this amount is minuscule – like in the pennies. *sad sigh* Since I still as of yet haven’t received any funks from any of the affiliates this blog is fully funded by me personally other then the occasionall publisher sponsored giveaways.


Or you just want to tell me that I was able to get you to squirt tea through your nose with mad giggles? No…ok a girl can dream. If you have any questions or concerns just get in touch with me. CAUTION, CAUTION and DANGER! – opening up any channel of communication with me puts you at risk of catching my particular brand of madness for which a cure has not yet been found.